602, 2023

Event: Join Convergint for the TiNYg and British Transport Police National Roadshow in London

Preventing violence against women & girls is everyone’s business The safety of women and girls is of paramount importance to British Transport Police. Several factors need to be addressed such as unwanted advances, criminal behaviours, exploitation in any form, and vulnerabilities. Convergint sponsors

602, 2023

Event: Join Convergint at the ASIS UK Chapter Menopause Awareness Event

Convergint UK is delighted to participate in the upcoming event hosted by the ASIS UK Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) Group on Menopause Awareness as part of its commitment to creating a more inclusive security industry for all. Convergint partners with ASIS International on

302, 2023

Unleash the Benefits of Cloud Managed Physical Security with Convergint and Cisco Meraki

On Thursday, the 26th of January 2023, Convergint UK and Cisco Meraki held the event: Unleash the Benefits of Cloud Managed Physical Security. During this event attendees learned: How Cisco Meraki’s MV Smart cameras are modernising physical security How streamlined architecture solves problems including

202, 2023

Genetec Transportation Solutions Offered by Convergint in New York and California

Rapid technological advancement, increasing urbanization, and escalating commuter and government demands are pressuring transit industry players to modernize. At the same time, it is critical that transit security and operations teams collaboratively address the reality of evolving physical and cyber threats that comes with

202, 2023

Convergint Ireland Provides Integrated Electronic Security Solutions to a Wide Range of Verticals and Industries

Convergint Ireland installs, designs, and services integrated security solutions for a wide range of verticals and industries. Paired with comprehensive security services, Convergint Ireland delivers value through exceptional customer service and consistent operational excellence. With a deep understanding of enterprise integration and the evolving

3101, 2023

Convergint Provides Protection for Valuable Resources with Bosch Security Solutions

Convergint partners with Bosch to offer a wide variety of integrated intrusion and access control solutions to fit situations only a financial institution will encounter. The fully encrypted intrusion panels can be configured to detect, report, and alert employees or monitoring center. Bosch offers

3001, 2023

Achieving an Advanced, Streamlined Security System with Genea Access Control

Many organizations still use security systems that are decades old. As a result, these outdated solutions tend to cause security issues in the long run. With the fear of potential security breaches looming, organizations are looking for more efficient solutions to help them in

2501, 2023

In Conversation: EMEA Vice President of Global Accounts on Regional Capabilities

Brenda Koesterman Vice President of Global Accounts, EMEA With multiple CTCs around the globe, Convergint provides a vast array of security services specifically tailored to the needs of its local and global customers. As one of the leading security integrators

2401, 2023

Virtual Event Recording: Digital Transformation & Automation in Today’s Physical Security World

Presented by Convergint and Vector Flow The days of managing security processes by hand are over. Progressive organizations are using the power of data, digital transformation, and automation to significantly reduce operational costs and vastly improve proactive security process automation to eliminate risk.

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