1406, 2024

Access Control: Efficiency and Security Combined

Access control is a crucial component, demanding cohesive solutions that effectively merge physical and digital defenses. Recognizing this requirement, the Convergint SLED team collaborates with Axis Communications, marking a significant milestone in access control innovation. “Axis Powered by Genetec,” an enterprise-level solution from Axis, meticulously crafted to meet

1306, 2024

Colleagues in Texas Volunteer at Tarkington Independent School District Through STEP Up Initiative

On June 7th, Convergint offices around the world closed allowing nearly 10,000 colleagues across 220 global locations to have the opportunity to spend the workday giving back to their local communities for Convergint's anual Social Responsibility Day. One of the projects this year was

1306, 2024

Empowering Organizations with Cloud-Managed Video Surveillance Solutions

Organizations encounter increasing security challenges driven by technology interconnectivity, evolving cyber threats, regulatory demands, workforce changes, and rapid technological advances. Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive and adaptable cybersecurity strategy. The Convergint financial team and March Networks collaborate to deliver innovative cloud-managed video surveillance

2905, 2024

Convergint Delivers Precision and Excellence in Audio-Visual Installation

In today's technology driven world, audio-visual (AV) systems play an integral role in enhancing communication, entertainment, and productivity. Behind every successful AV system lies a detailed process of design, installation, and maintenance, all guided by industry standards to ensure optimal performance. At Convergint, this

1106, 2024

Convergint and Wesco Strengthen Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives for AAPI Heritage Month

Convergint strives to foster a supportive, accessible, and inclusive environment. Convergint recognizes the critical importance of diversity in our workforce to reach its goal of being our customers’ best service provider. Last month was Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, in celebration

1006, 2024

Empowering Utilities with Convergint’s Expertise in EPC Projects and Security

The acronym EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) is pivotal in the utilities sector. These three components are essential for bringing new locations online. Although utilities often rely on their internal resources, the rapid industry growth makes complete self-sufficiency challenging. Funding for new utility builds

1006, 2024

Convergint Financial: Resources Positioned to Serve Wherever Needed

Convergint Financial has a demonstrated ability to scale its efforts and effectively meet the needs of all institutions. Its programmatic approach ensures a consistent customer experience no matter what the project scope and institution size. Moreover, Convergint has exceptional geographic reach which allows it

706, 2024

Convergint Gives Back Globally; Celebrates 23rd Annual Social Responsibility Day

400 Colleagues and Five Partners to Participate in Convergint’s Biggest STEP Up for Schools Initiative To-Date Today, Convergint celebrates its 23rd Annual Convergint Social Responsibility Day, as nearly 10,000 colleagues across 220 global locations have the opportunity to spend

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