103, 2024

How Technology Can Bridge the Gap Caused by Workforce Shortages and Create Efficiencies

The healthcare industry is facing many challenges such as workforce shortages and increasing patient demand. Technology can help bridge the gap by enhancing operational and clinical efficiency along with scalability. Convergint, as a leading global systems integrator, recommends leveraging technology to address our workforce

2902, 2024

Kevin Sheridan’s Expertise Highlighted in Security Info Watch–Safeguarding Financial Institutions Against Cyber Threats

Financial institutions are seeing an accelerated consumer demand for convenience and streamlined experiences, leading to an uptick in the implementation of digital solutions and technologies for branch automation, safety, and security. As the industry navigates these evolving demands, Kevin Sheridan, Vice President of Financial

2302, 2024

Convergint Revolutionises Operational Excellence with ServicePlus Managed Services in APAC

In a significant move to elevate organisational efficiency and streamline support functions, Convergint introduces its comprehensive Managed Services portfolio, ServicePlus, in the APAC region. This dynamic suite of services leverages cutting-edge technologies and dedicated Service Operations Centres (SOCs) manned by experts, ensuring centralised management

2602, 2024

The Six Steps to a Better Retail Experience for Financial Institutions

Branch banking remains the best source for new client acquisition for financial institutions. Therefore, branches need to design welcoming spaces that securely and efficiently enable successful client transactions and support the overall retail experience. Here are 6 steps to a better retail experience for

2302, 2024

Safeguarding Vital Infrastructure with Convergint’s Defense in Depth Approach

In an era where security threats to utilities are increasingly diverse and sophisticated, the need for a robust defense strategy cannot be overstated. With the vital role that utilities play in daily life, ensuring the safety and integrity of infrastructure such as wastewater treatment

2002, 2024

Convergint Announces Affinity Group Goals for 2024, Elevating Workplace Inclusion & Diversity Initiatives

Recognizing the critical importance of diversity in the workforce, Convergint is deeply committed to creating and sustaining an inclusive, supportive, and accessible environment where all colleagues are fully engaged and can contribute to their full potential. Affinity groups support this effort by encouraging professional

1902, 2024

Ensuring Compliance and Security for Healthcare with the Convergint CustomVault Solution

Convergint stands as a leading authority in the implementation of DEA validated vault systems and cages, specifically designed to meet the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1301.72. The Convergint CustomVault solution offers unparalleled security for the storage of Schedule I and

1402, 2024

Ensure Seamless, Lifesaving Communication for Emergency Responders

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s crucial to ensure that emergency responders can communicate effortlessly and effectively in any building. Convergint’s solution provides comprehensive emergency responder radio coverage, offering peace of mind to building owners and occupants. Convergint’s dedicated experts start by conducting a thorough

1302, 2024

The Evolution of Access Control Enhances Healthcare Efficiency

Maintaining a balance between ensuring security, compliance, and operational efficiency poses significant challenges. In healthcare, controlling access to sensitive areas, preventing medication theft, complying with regulations, and defending against cyber threats are critical concerns. Additionally, the need for seamless multi-site monitoring and efficient access

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