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Identity Management solutions enable enterprise-wide capabilities to uniformly manage employees, service providers, contractors, vendors, and visitors. These solutions provide an airport with the ability to use policy-based tools and technology to link organizational roles and responsibilities with structured access to business systems, logical assets, and other systems within an airport.

Convergint’s aviation expert Matt Powell is joined by Dave Peeples, President/CEO of Intellisoft, to discuss why identity management projects often fail in meeting their goals. Intellisoft has created a reputation for successful identity management deployments in and outside of the aviation space. Matt and Dave will discuss why Intellisoft has been immune to the failures that plague the identity management space, simple steps airports can follow to achieve a successful identity management deployment, and credentialing best practices for a post-COVID aviation environment.

    Tuesday, April 28th | 11:00 AM  – 12:00 PM EST



    Matt Powell

    Transportation Market Manager

    With more than two decades of experience in the security aviation, Matt has worked in every facet of the security world–from end-user to manufacturing to integration. For more than a decade, Matt has specialized in transportation security and operations and lead Convergint Transportation Solutions Group, a team of transportation-focused sales, operations, and engineering Convergint colleagues.

    David Peeples is the President of Intellisoft, a South Carolina based software company. Intellisoft provides identity management software solutions to airports nationwide and to the Department of Defense. David is a leading authority on identity management and speaks regularly on that topic and on the urgent need for cybersecurity preparedness in the airport industry, which he feels passionately about.  

    David Peeples

    President/CEO of Intellisoft


    About IntelliSoft

    Intellisoft’s Identity Management solutions are trusted at over 100 of the most secure facilities in the United States including the nation’s largest airports, the Pentagon, and the Department of Defense.

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