As an award-winning healthcare facility nationally recognized for the highest quality of care, a large Michigan hospital is focused on improving practice efficiencies while optimizing the patient experience. With the assistance of Convergint, the hospital set up an Asset Management program. This Michigan hospital is challenged with clinical efficiencies. For example, clinicians report that they consistently have a shortage of IV pumps. Workflows are not optimal, therefore nurses, physicians, and other members of the staff are constantly having to track down IV pumps, causing inefficiencies and interruptions that no hospital can afford. In fact, a survey conducted by the hospital found that clinicians spend an average of 500 hours per year looking for pumps.

Stakeholders at the hospital reached out to Convergint to address asset management concerns, specifically focusing on increasing visibility for IV pumps and critical equipment. Implementing an effective asset management system not only enhances asset availability for staff but also helps hospitals manage their supply chain costs during financially challenging times. By improving visibility, accurate inventory management, and tracking asset lifecycles, hospitals can streamline patient care, optimize procurement decisions, and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Since the RTLS Asset Tracking & Management system went live, staff members are having a much easier time tracking down IV pumps, respirators, and other patient care essentials. Previously, clinicians were constantly on the defense, reactively seeking assets when they were misplaced. Now, they’re able to operate on offense by proactively knowing where their equipment is located. Hospital staff is confidence that the solution is saving them time and improving efficiency—having experienced it firsthand. This has given nurse managers more ownership of their equipment as well as their work processes. To learn more about this Asset Management program, download the case study.

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