Convergint was built upon a solid foundation of Values & Beliefs, one of the most important being “We expect to be our customers’ best service providerno matter what business we are in.” 

In today’s complex post-COVID environment, it is more important than ever to provide excellent, reliable, and efficient service to customers to ensure the safety of people and facilities. In this case study, find out how the partnership between Convergint and Pedestal PRO supports the goal of providing operational and service excellence to all customers, no matter the circumstances. 

Mission: Implement Building Security Systems Quickly and Safely  

In October of 2019, Convergint began work on the site of a new construction project for an apartment building housing over 200 luxury units  with underground parking and retail on the ground floor. After the project began in late 2019 and continued through early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused operational issues and made the challenges met along the way more difficult to overcome. Even still, Pedestal PRO and Convergint worked together to expedite the service process and provide custom pedestals for the customer in record time.  

Solution: Custom-Built Towers from Pedestal PRO 

A Lenel OnGuard system would manage access control while a 2N IP intercom system would support visitor management. Devices for both systems would be present at two lobby entrances, as well as at the entryway to the parking garage. Residents, and credentialed employees, would gain entrance using Lenel Blue Diamond Bluetooth Readers. If residents forgot their credentials, the 2N intercom could serve as backup, allowing them to call security management for assistance. In addition, the 2N system could be used by visitors to directly contact residents listed in the building’s directory. Residents would be notified, via a mobile app, allowing them to “see” and communicate with their visitor as well as remotely unlock the door– even if they themselves were not in the building at the time. This feature of the 2N system, designed specifically for residential properties, was key in its selection over other manufacturers’ technologies. 

Three free-standing stanchions from Pedestal PRO, located at the lobby and parking garage entrances, would house the Lenel readers and 2N intercom devices. One lobby entrance would feature a 2N IP Verso to allow for visitors to contact residents directly; the other two would employ a 2N IP Solo model monitored by the property’s security team.

Result: A Successful Project and Satisfied Customer

Despite a few challenges met along the way due to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, and other issues caused by a communication error resulting in the custom-built stainless steel towers that would house the Pedestal PRO stanchions not arriving when they were supposed to, the project was completed successfully and on-time. Pedestal PRO was able to turn around the expedited emergency projects quickly and safely so Convergint could successfully complete the project before tenants needed to move into the building on June 1st. Once on site, installation of the new pedestals was straightforward. As with all Pedestal PRO units, the holes were prefabricated to align with the specific reader and intercom models that would be used.

“Convergint has differentiated itself by building a service-centric culture with colleagues who care. Pedestal PRO shares in our deep dedication to service excellence, and our partnership has been natural because of that.”

~ Tony Varco, Vice President of Security & Marketing, Convergint Technologies

With Convergint’s dedication to service excellence and Pedestal PRO’s ability to adapt and problem-solve throughout the challenges they faced, the project was delivered successfully, reinforcing Convergint’s commitment to being its customers’ best service provider. 

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