Safety is one of Convergint’s highest priorities and a key element of its company culture. Within the past few years, Convergint introduced a number of tools and programs designed to increase safety awareness among colleagues and ensure that service requests and projects are completed without incidents or injuries.

The dedication to safety is strongly supported by all the Convergint Technology Centers (CTCs) throughout the U.S. and internationally. Convergint colleagues in Texas came up with an additional creative way to bring their safety commitment to a whole new level. 

The Texas CTC unveiled a new exciting tool designed to drive safety awareness among local colleagues: a Convergint safety challenge coin. This challenge coin is meant to serve as a constant reminder to colleagues about their goal and obligation to stay safe at all times. It represents their deep commitment to safety, not just to colleagues, but also to their family members and to Convergint customers.

Meaning Behind the Coin Elements

On both its front and back sides, the challenge coin includes a few safety symbols and encouragements that have an important meaning.



  • Hard Hat Emblem – a symbol of safety, using the proper tools, equipment, and training.

  • “Making a Daily Difference””– safely go above and beyond to be our customers’ best service provider.

  • “Safely Leading the Way”– bringing colleagues home safely each day.

  • Houston Strong emblem – united to keep each other safe.

  • “Balanced Lives” – family, business, community.

  • “Family” – the reason we work safely.

  • “Safety Matters” – it affects more than just the colleague but also their family and friends.

Texas colleagues receive the safety coin from their mentor or supervisor and are encouraged to carry it with them in a pocket or purse every day, both at work and at home. Colleagues may also share the meaning behind their coin with Convergint customers and family. To promote safety commitment at Convergint further, colleagues are encouraged to take and submit pictures with their safety coin in various settings and with others.

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