When it comes to pharmaceutical security, Convergint is the industry expert. With the acquisition of CustomVault, the company now has over 35 years of collective experience and leadership in Schedule I/II and III-V solutions. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of 21 CFR 1301.72, the governing specification for pharmaceutical applications, and has built hundreds of DEA validated vaults across the country for every major U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor.

All Convergint vaults deliver:

  • Compliance– Convergint modular vaults are fully compliant with DEA regulations, specifically 21 CFR 1301.72. UL/DEA rated panels are used to form the vault floor, walls, and ceilings for compliant six-sided protection for Schedule I and II controlled substances. These vaults are complemented by doors that adhere to regulatory standards. With this, we’re proud to say our systems have never failed a DEA inspection.

  • Customization– Vault systems of any size and shape can be created to work within project parameters and are custom-configured to accommodate HVAC via port-vent panels. With advanced capabilities to integrate any system, your challenges are Convergint’s successes.

  • Flexibility– Modular vault systems are unique in that they can be expanded, contracted, or even dismantled and moved.

CustomVault HighBay vaults from Convergint

The CustomVault HighBay vault system is developed to meet the specific demands of the pharmaceutical segment, and provides high volume, high- security storage by leveraging vertical space. The modular solution is designed to both accommodate multi-lane forklift patterns and the client’s racking requirements. For easy access to warehouse forklifts and pallet jacks, the vault includes oversized double-leaf vault doors. Ultimately, the CustomVault HighBay vault from Convergint supports both footprint optimization and warehouse functionality for pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors.

CustomVault LightWeight vaults from Convergint

Convergint’s CustomVault LightWeight vault utilizes lighter composite panels which minimize structural impact. The modular solution is ideal for challenging installations or floor loading limitations in an existing pharmaceutical facility, and it accommodates freight elevators, stairs, above grade floors, and tight corners with fewer hang-ups. Plus, its easy installation without heavy equipment helps limit disruption to ongoing business. Ultimately, the CustomVault LightWeight vault from Convergint is an ideal solution in that it can be leveraged for controlled substance storage virtually anywhere.

CustomVault MegaVault from Convergint

When manufacturers or distributors have clear access for installation in an existing facility or are building a new facility, the CustomVault MegaVault from Convergint is an ideal solution. Due to the pre-cast concrete panel construction, this vault requires heavy equipment. However, this modular vault solution is cost effective and provides pharmaceutical facilities with Schedule I and II controlled substance storage. This is especially helpful for slab-on grade applications

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