Convergint strives to foster a supportive, accessible, and inclusive environment. Convergint recognizes the critical importance of diversity in our workforce to reach its goal of being our customers’ best service provider.

Last month was Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, in celebration of the month, Convergint and partner Wesco are reinforcing their commitment to inclusion and diversity. Convergint aims to be the most equitable global service provider by leveraging diverse talent and creating a culture where all colleagues can reach their full potential. Similarly, Wesco’s mission to build, connect, power, and protect the world includes embracing diversity across their team, suppliers, and customers. Together, Convergint and Wesco are dedicated to enhancing their inclusion and diversity initiatives to honor and support the AAPI community.

The partnership between Convergint and Wesco, built on excellence, innovation, and customer service, thrives on embracing diversity and fostering inclusive environments. Through Convergint AAPI Connect and Wesco Mosaic Business Resource Group, both organizations strengthen their inclusion and diversity initiatives, honoring the AAPI community and paving the way for a safer, more inclusive future where every colleague can thrive.

“True progress is not just about inclusion and diversity; it’s about fostering authentic partnerships that empower every voice, including those of the AAPI community. Together, with Wesco, we champion diversity, equity, and unity, crafting a future for everyone equally.”

~Parashar Kamble, Design Manager – Canada, Co-Chair AAPI Connect, Convergint

“Our partners play a critical role in our business. When our values and beliefs align, it creates an organic partnership that significantly contributes to our success.”

~David Conners, Director of Inclusion & Diversity, Convergint

“Our success will depend on the ability to tap into and fully maximize the varying backgrounds, skills, and life experiences of our employees.”

~John Engel, Chairman, President, and CEO, Wesco

AAPI Connect & Mosaic Highlights

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AAPI Connect’s objectives are to help create a more inclusive work environment, provide a collective voice around shared issues or concerns, promote a respectful workplace, and advance internal and external diversity initiatives.