Convergint Technologies in Calgary, Canada was recently awarded the Integrator of the Year by Canadian SP&T News magazine. The award was presented to Convergint for delivering technically complex and innovative security solutions for the City of Calgary, and for the outstanding customer service provided by the Convergint team during the implementation of the Calgary security projects.

Convergint’s Award-Winning Security Solutions

The two projects that Convergint implemented for Calgary were Glenmore Water Treatment Plant, responsible for providing water to over 1 million residents, and the city road storage facility. Originally, as part of these projects Calgary was looking to integrate a new VMS platform and replace 1,000 city analog cameras. But down the line, the city also decided to add a new geographic information system (GIS) to their command center.

All the technology solutions suggested by Convergint had to pass Calgary’s proof of concept process. As part of this vetting procedure, each piece of equipment and software had undergone thorough testing in the city’s lab environment to verify that it possessed all the necessary technical capabilities expected by the customer.

During the technology selection stage, Convergint introduced a variety of new Axis IP camera models and a Live Earth system–a GIS-based visualization software, which ended up chosen by the city.  Milestone Systems’ XProtect Corporate was selected by Calgary as the new VMS for its sophisticated third-party integration capabilities. 

“Where Convergint has really shined, is in its consistent dedication to bringing best of breed technology to the table and going the extra mile in the early stages of a project”

Alex Lee
Security Advisor, Corporate security
City of Calgary
Source: SP&T News Magazine

An Impressive Smart City Tool

The City of Calgary had been on the lookout for a physical security information management (PSIM) solution for some time before Convergint recommended Live Earth. With the integration of this innovative mapping application, some of the existing security technologies of Calgary’s command center, including Milestone, were configured to feed their data into Live Earth, which would than analyze and populate it on the interactive map screen.

“It can ingest thousands of points of data at any time of the day and then it maps them. The map is interactive. It has a touchscreen interface. If you want to see a camera, a weather update, something that’s going on in traffic, you basically just use the touchscreen and the map. You can geofence, you can locate, you can plan operations.”

Mark Sheahan
Account Executive, Convergint Technologies
Source: SP&T News Magazine

Impressed with the capabilities of the new GIS system, Calgary plans to expand its use beyond just security purposes.

“We’re doing huge, huge things with this situational awareness software. We have some grand plans to use it not just for security but for logistical and operational efficiencies as well.”

Alex Lee
Security Advisor, Corporate security, City of Calgary
Source: SP&T News Magazine

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