Since its humble beginnings in a basement in 2001, Convergint Technologies has grown into a global billion-dollar business. Under the leadership of co-founder Dan Moceri, Convergint has demonstrated a successful track record of growth both organically and via acquisitions, completing over 26 since early 2016. Through each acquisition, Dan has learned how to ensure a smooth and successful process, and he recently shared his insights in an article featured in Leadership Briefings Magazine.

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An acquisition isn’t just a financial transaction. It’s the beginning of a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. The quickest way to ensure your acquisition becomes one of the statistics is to frame it as merely a financial transaction. Keep in mind that this is someone’s company. They, and many others, have spent a lifetime building the company to be successful. The quickest way to destroy value in the company is to reduce it to dollars and cents, and then just make changes for the sake of change.”

~ Dan Moceri, Convergint Co-Founder

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