Convergint’s STEP Up initiative was launched this year with the goal of increasing security in K-12 schools, especially within underserved local communities. This included installing and updating security systems in eight schools across the country, as well as providing a security checklist, available online to everyone, that lists out all of the important elements to consider for school safety checks during the summer. One of the communities to which Convergint donated system upgrades was Atlanta, where Convergint colleagues volunteered at three local schools. Atlanta Public Schools featured one of the projects in a recent video, which is available below.

“This partnership is very important to APS because it helps enhance the work that we are trying to do, which is as our main mission and goal is to protect our students, our staff, and of course our property.”

~ Dr. Marquenta Sands Hill, Atlanta Public Schools, Executive Director of Safety and Security


About STEP Up

Enhancing school security can provide a vital level of protection for students, faculty, and visitors. In that spirit, Convergint created its STEP Up initiative to help strengthen security in our schools. This program was launched during Convergint’s annual Social Responsibility Day. Convergint colleagues went out into their local communities and provided underserved schools with interior and exterior security systems installations, security upgrades, and security assessments.