Convergint colleagues took part in Convergint Social Responsibility Day on the 9th of June 2023. Colleagues from Convergint Ireland participated in the day by volunteering for the Drogheda Women’s and Children’s Refuge Centre.

About Women’s and Children’s Refuge Centre

Since 1998, Drogheda Women’s & Children’s Refuge has offered a number of services to families who are being physically, emotionally, sexually, or mentally abused in their own home. They offer support to women and children who are fleeing domestic abused through emergency accommodation, 24-hour help line, their outreach service, and on-site child care facilities. Drogheda Women’s & Children’s Refuge work from a self-help, mutual aid philosophy, which means working with people in a way which acknowledges their strength and courage and offers a range of choices and options.

How Convergint colleagues helped

Last year, the team upgraded their CCTV system to improve security measures. Additionally, they painted the playschool room, revitalizing the space for the children, and diligently cleaned the walls and windows of the six exterior family accommodation units.

The efforts of the team were well-received, and they made a commitment to return this year to further support the refuge. The refuge provided us with a painting wish list, which included six high-ceilinged accommodation units, the meeting room, and the staff kitchen. The team was excited about the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the women and children at the refuge. By focusing on security upgrades and improving the overall living conditions, Convergint Ireland strived to create a safe, nurturing, and empowering environment for the residents. The Convergint Ireland team was dedicated to carrying out the painting work, aiming to leave a lasting positive impact on the refuge and its residents.

Not only did Convergint colleagues get to give back to the community, the day was enriching for Convergint colleagues. Convergint colleagues have become closer outside of their daily work and are looking forward to next year.

About Convergint Social Responsibility Day

Convergint was built on a solid foundation of Values and Beliefs. These values and beliefs focus on Convergint’s commitment to customers, colleagues and their families, and communities. One of these values—“we believe in balanced lives”—supports Convergint’s belief that it is important for all colleagues to balance their time, energy, and commitments across families, business, and communities. This belief empowers Convergint colleagues to act generously and responsibly to the people and world around them.

Convergint has created a culture of giving, a culture that is central to success as an organization. Not only does Convergint give to local communities all throughout the year, but Convergint also take it to the next level with a yearly Social Responsibility Day. Each year in June, Convergint shuts down operations for a full workday in order to allow colleagues to go into their communities and contribute to those in need.