Convergint has recently been awarded the Security and Fire Protection Services contract solicited and awarded by the Nevada State Purchasing Division and offered through the NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Purchasing Program.

Contract #99SWC-NV23-16262 includes the following categories: fire and burglar alarm systems, access control, surveillance services & equipment, and inspections and monitoring. This contract can be used by all state, city, county, K-12 schools, and higher education agencies that have a participating addendum with NASPO. Leveraging this Security and Fire Protection Services contract allows agencies to save time and money on products and services purchased through Convergint.

What can a Convergint Cooperative Purchasing Contract do for you?

  • Secure competitive prices

    By leveraging the collective purchasing power of multiple organizations, governments can ensure competitive prices for products and services.

  • Standardize products and services

    Aggregating requirements across governments allows for the standardization of products and services, leading to greater consistency and efficiency in procurement.

  • Provide trusted partnerships

    Trusted partners can assist with system design, installation, and support, ensuring that governments receive reliable and comprehensive assistance.

  • Enhance contract quality

    Utilizing specialized specification writers, procurement professionals, and technical evaluation committee members helps governments create high-quality contracts for superior products and services.

  • Reduce administrative costs

    Cooperative contracts centralize administrative efforts, spreading costs across multiple governments and minimizing redundant work.

  • Convenient procurement

    Instead of going through the time-consuming process of requesting quotes or bids, governments can simply choose products and services that Convergint offers and reference the NASPO contract.

  • Efficient purchasing

    Cooperative contracts offer an efficient purchasing process, saving time and effort for governments.

  • Assured regulatory compliance

    Contracts solicited by a lead state adhere to state regulations, providing assurance of compliance for all involved parties.

State, city, county, K-12 schools, and higher education agencies can take advantage of contract vehicles to obtain the latest in innovative technology at competitive prices to increase overall safety and security. The right products and carefully designed systems can increase efficiency and improve operations.

This contract is a great way for agencies to take advantage of competitive pricing to get critical, cutting-edge security, fire alarm & life safety products and services.

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