Viva Energy is a leading energy company that supplies about a quarter of Australia’s fuel requirements. As part of its continual infrastructure growth, Viva Energy is in the process of building an energy project that includes a solar farm, a proposed Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) terminal, a New Energies Service Station, and other projects including an ultra-low sulphur gasoline plant and three new 30 million litre tanks to boost Australia’s diesel storage program. Viva Energy’s refinery is the largest of the two remaining in the country.

Mission: Protect critical infrastructure with early detection

Viva Energy was looking for a security solution that not only monitored the perimeter fence line but also increased the efficiency of its security team through early detection of loitering humans or vehicles while ignoring animal movements. The solution also needed to integrate into Viva Energy’s existing security systems, namely Gallagher and Milestone, and have a proven track record of protecting similar critical infrastructure with a minimal false alarm rate.

Viva Energy wanted to look at security differently. National Security Manager Dale Wickenden said: “We didn’t want to do things the way we always had. Instead, we wanted to look for a technology that was smarter and ensured a value-add while minimising false alarms for our security control room. The solution, when implemented, should allow the security team to authenticate the alarm more quickly and respond to actual threats instead of wasting time on other additional methods of verification or nuisance alarms.”

Knowing that Viva Energy’s security team was critical to success, Convergint partnered with Magos to implement a system that would improve accuracy and simplify processes while hardening the refinery’s security posture.

Solution: Magos’ high-performance perimeter detection solution

Convergint partnered with Magos to deploy its innovative, high-performance, and cost-effective radars to secure perimeter safety for the refinery. Magos’ perimeter security solution includes MASS+AI software that seamlessly integrates the existing Milestone video management solutions with a unique AI technology, providing exact video-based object classification to cut down on nuisance alarms without compromising threat detection capabilities.

By utilising existing solutions and infrastructure for optimal site security, Magos’ radars provide supreme outdoor perimeter monitoring, ensuring complete sterile-zone coverage both inside and outside the refinery fence. agreement efficiently.

Result: A flexible, reliable, and cost-effective perimeter detection

Convergint fostered collaboration with the municipality by establishing a direct line of communication between their team members and counterparts at the municipality, including GMs, project managers, directors, sales executives, and engineers. This collaborative approach allowed them to address questions effectively, share knowledge, and ensure a seamless flow of information, ultimately steering the project to successful completion.

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