In today’s rapidly evolving security landscape, organizations across both government and industry face unique secure storage challenges. Military facilities, government entities, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare institutions, utilities, prisons, and local law enforcement agencies are amongst those requiring expanded vault space. However, limited space, budget constraints, and remote installations can make finding the right solution a daunting task. That’s where Convergint’s innovative CustomVault Mobile Armory Building (MAB) comes into play.

Unique exterior vault solution

The Convergint CustomVault MAB is a plug and play, mobile modular vault originally designed as a portable armory meeting GSA AA-V-2940 specifications. Following wide government and military adoption, however, numerous industries began to appreciate the benefits of the unit as incremental secure storage. This state-of-the-art solution supplements traditional in-house vault space and offers a range of benefits.

Convergint CustomVault MAB FAQs

  1. Is the CustomVault MAB GSA AA-V-2940 approved? Yes, the CustomVault MAB is GSA AA-V-2940 approved, ensuring that it meets the stringent requirements set forth for secure storage solutions.
  2. Can the CustomVault MAB be relocated? Absolutely! The CustomVault MAB is designed for easy relocation, allowing you to move it as needed without compromising the security and integrity of your stored assets.
  3. What features are included in a single CustomVault MAB? A single CustomVault MAB unit includes a 200-square foot GSA vault, a front access vestibule, and a weather-proof exterior that can withstand even the harshest conditions. Additionally, it is equipped with an HVAC system, dehumidification capabilities, thermostatically controlled temperature, interior lighting, alarm peripherals, and weapon tie-downs, ensuring the highest level of security and protection.
  4. Is it possible to connect multiple CustomVault MAB units for expanded storage? Yes, it is increasingly common to connect multiple CustomVault MAB units, allowing you to double or triple the available storage space. This scalability is particularly beneficial for military and pharmaceutical installations.
  5. Are there provisions for power backup? For added reliability, a generator is available as a backup power source, ensuring continuous operation even during power outages.

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