The blistering growth in renewable energy is continuing globally, increasing from a 928 billion U.S. dollar industry in 2017 to an expected 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars in 2025. This year saw a number of major developments announced in the renewable sector in Ireland, which are expected to ramp up further with Ireland’s aim of producing 70% of electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

Why Are Renewable Energy Farms Vulnerable?

Solar, wind, and offshore energy farms provide a futuristic way of producing energy while providing sustainable income for landowners and businesses. Due to the high costs of equipment and materials, renewable energy farms are a perilous investment if security is not set as the foremost priority from the get-go. There are three main threats impacting the profitability and operations of a renewable energy source.

  • Intrusion
    Due to the remote nature of these energy farms, ensuring your site is safeguarded from perimeter to core from intruders is essential to minimize risk of theft.

  • Interruption
    Production continuity challenges resulting from damaged or stolen equipment lead to inefficiencies and costly downtime. These damages can be as a result of water damage or animals gnawing on wires.

  • Injury
    Occupational hazards are among the challenges due to workers being required to install, replace, and troubleshoot issues all while handling high-voltage.

Convergint Renewable Energy Capabilities

Convergint offers customized solutions designed by experts to meet specific goals.

Edge-to-Core Electronic and Physical Security Solutions

Convergint Technologies offers preventative integrated solutions that aim to eliminate threats on renewable energy sites before they can have an impact.

  • Intruder Detection System
    Devices that can detect malicious violations in secluded, remote areas are crucial to keep the site shielded from intruders. Use in conjunction with intelligent video analytics to avoid false alarms cause by local wildlife.

  • Perimeter Protection
    This helps to detect and identify unauthorized individuals on sites with extensive perimeters, wide areas, remote locations, and extreme weather conditions.

  • Fire Alarm & Safety
    Renewable energy sites can be victim to many fires hazards due to short circuits, overheating, debris, and animal nesting.

  • Access Control
    Personnel access control can be used to authorize entry and to verify the clearance of personnel seeking entry to controlled area by evaluating credentials, personal identification number, or biometrics.

  • Video Management & CCTV
    Verification of alarms from video management systems are accompanied by the power of analytics to protect all aspects of  renewable energy sites.

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