In 2023, Convergint opened a new CTC in Manila, Philippines, to meet growing business demands in the region. This new, state-of-the-art facility is of key strategic importance, serving as the centre of Convergint’s expanding audio-visual (AV) business in Southeast Asia and hosting Convergint’s largest Service Operations Centre (SOC) in Asia Pacific (APAC). This SOC serves as a centralised hub for the deployment of Managed Services in APAC and provides 24/7 English-language customer support and maintenance services.


The new office needed to excel at two major areas. Firstly, as a demo facility to showcase the latest AV and unified communications (UC) technologies and solutions to customers across APAC. Secondly, as the centre of Managed Services delivery and 24/7 customer support in the region, the facility demanded cutting-edge technology for optimised work efficiency and collaboration to ensure an outstanding customer experience.


Based on the office space and functionality, the Convergint team designed, installed, and integrated a comprehensive AV and UC system using Crestron Flex technology for an all-in-one solution that enables colleagues to be connected regardless of where they are in the facility.

Core spaces include the boardroom, training room, office space and communal areas, as well as the crucial SOC. Each of these is equipped with large display screens, ranging from 65” to 85” in size, to facilitate video conferencing and media broadcasting. In addition, the SOC boasts an outstanding 4800 x 2025mm LED display wall to enable its operations. The Crestron Virtual Control platform empowers centralised management of all office screens, facilitating seamless content broadcasting across the entire workspace, subject to supervisor authorisation.

In the boardroom, the large 85” touchscreen display enables high-resolution video conferencing, with ceiling microphones and speakers set up to capture and relay sound. All lighting, power switches, blinds and monitor displays can be managed centrally for ease and convenience. To facilitate meeting-room use, and avoid clashes, a room-booking system was implemented alongside occupancy sensors. The Crestron Go Tablet and App offer a central place for organisers to easily manage the room’s facilities and technology, allowing colleagues to check at a glance if the room is in use.

“We had a clear vision for what we wanted to achieve for this space and how this would enable us to work more effectively as a team on the ground and virtually with global colleagues and customers. Our team conceptualised and designed the entire solution with Crestron’s technology as the foundation of the design due to the capabilities and features of the technology. This enabled us to achieve a cutting-edge workspace for our team and an impressive AV showcase facility for customers that seek similar AV and UC capabilities.”

– Dharmesh Gandhi, General Manager, AV, Convergint


The result of implementing Crestron’s solutions is a fully functional office with cutting-edge technologies, and the creation of an optimal workspace environment that functions for both remote and in-person colleagues. The comprehensive AV and UC capabilities make collaboration easier, facilitating efficiency across the board, both in the main office space and the SOC. “With the solutions in place, we are able to showcase some of the best technologies in the market to our customers, and help them envision how these solutions and platforms can be applied at their own offices and workspaces to achieve incredible results,” commented Dharmesh.

“The Manila SOC is our key English-language customer service support centre and Managed Services hub for the entire Asia-Pacific region. It is critical that our team is equipped with the latest technologies in the facility to enable efficient work and collaboration, helping us provide the best possible service to our customers. The solution in place absolutely achieves that goal.”

– Ricky Du, VP Strategic Accounts and Service, APAC, Convergint

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