Convergint Technologies has been named to SD&I Magazine’s Fast50 list as one of the 50 fastest growing systems integration firms for 2016, with a ranking of number one in revenue dollars.

Convergint continues to drive both strong organic growth and growth through acquisitions around the globe, completing six acquisitions since January of 2015. Three of which have deepened Convergint’s capabilities domestically, and three of which have expanded its global footprint. These acquisitions reinforce Convergint’s dedication to being the best service provider possible for a wide array of customers throughout the world.

Convergint also cites highly experienced colleagues and recruitment programs as another important aspect of the company’s success.

“We have started a ‘Convergint Leadership Program’ — where we are recruiting from universities all over the U.S. and Canada,” says Tony Varco, vice president of electronic security for Convergint. “This has been a very successful program in terms of bringing in sales and operations talent.”

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