A&S International featured Convergint’s Vice President of Security Tony Varco in an article discussing the North American security industry in 2017 and 2018. Written by William Pao, this article included insight from Varco regarding why and how the industry is evolving. Among the trends Varco discusses are the ways that compliance drives growth and how data from security solutions are being used to create high-level business outcomes.

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“’We recently provided an airline with a solution involving several hundred cameras, and I was very surprised to find that those cameras were being used for purposes beyond just physical security. They were being used, in combination with analytics, for training purposes, tarmac safety, and customer service. These uses go above and beyond traditional physical security,’” Varco said. “’This is about helping customers create business outcomes. Once you have the data from these systems, what do you do with that data? What problems do you solve? Focusing on those business outcomes provides customers with a return on investment.’”


About Tony Varco

Tony Varco has over 25 years of experience in the building systems integration industry including electronic security, fire alarm, and building management systems. In June of 2001, Tony was named Convergint’s Vice President of the Security Division for Convergint Technologies and is responsible for the successful growth and development of the electronic security business throughout North America. Tony is involved in all aspects of business planning, development, sales, and marketing of electronic security.