With the growing sophistication of software-centric security solutions, Convergint recognizes that security applications can now become an effective business enabler tool. A comprehensive security strategy can support an organization to manage common challenges such as workforce management, acquisitions, supply chain, regulatory requirements, and cyber risk. To meet those evolving needs, Convergint created an Advanced Solutions team that has expertise in physical security, business workflows, software-centric solutions, and cybersecurity solutions.

Led by Director of Advanced Solutions Amir Shechter, this team is comprised of solution designers, business analysts, and vertical market subject experts that discuss new technologies with customers as part of the strategy and investment planning. The Advanced Solutions team addresses and support the long-term business goals of an organization, taking into account their vision for the future, the need to meet key performance indicators, and the company’s strategic plans for growth.

The goal of an Advanced Solution is to improve processes and build a dynamic solution to meet the requirements of a complex business environment.”

– Amir Shechter, Director of Advanced Solutions at Convergint Technologies

Key Solutions

Advanced Solutions provide cutting-edge technology that includes proactive solutions for customers. This non-proprietary approach allows customers to avoid sole source-dependency and maintain long-term cost competitiveness.

  • Smart Sensors – Facial Recognition, Shooter Detection, Smart Gates, Mass Notification System, Drone Detection

  • Intelligent Enterprise – Workspace Utilization and Optimization

  • Vertical Specific Solutions

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