At Convergint Technologies, we expect to be our customer’s best service provider. To achieve this goal for our strategic and global customers, Convergint utilizes a defined program management process to partner with customers to maximize their overall business objectives.

When working with large, complex organizations that operate across multiple regions, Convergint has found that assigning a dedicated program manager is key to success. This individual acts as a single point of coordination, assigned to manage and oversee all Convergint engagements with customers. Providing complete operational oversight, program managers work with the customer, the local Convergint teams, and its partners to ensure consistent delivery and adherence to standards.

Responsibilities of a Program Manager


Align key personnel and project goals


Manage communication between key stakeholders


Leverage metrics for continuous improvement


Align personnel, processes, and plans


Quarterly quality review of service and technology


Ensure adherence to best practice standards

Benefits of Program Management

  • Drives consistent delivery
  • Ensures adherence to standards and regulations
  • Introduces operational efficiencies
  • Provides regular and proactive communications
  • Maximizes system up-time
  • Presents strategies, technologies, and solutions

Program Management Tools for Success

The Convergint Playbook

The Convergint Playbook is a “rules of engagement” document created by program managers, co-authored along with customers. Convergint recognizes that each customer has unique needs for installation and maintenance of the systems. To support customers, the Playbook outlines clear guidelines and objectives for proposing, installing, and servicing our customers’ facilities. The playbook defines items such as key stakeholders, customer locations, invoicing details, standard equipment, and labor rates. It serves as a reference guide for our teams performing work with our customers, establishing formal processes and clear expectations.

iCare Customer Portal

iCare is a web-based portal providing real-time, online access to service work orders, including detailed information on current activities. The tool provides an executive overview of metrics that includes financial reporting. In addition, iCare can also serve as a collaborative document sharing platform for key documents and track proposals through the RFP module.

iSheet Action Tracking

Large, complex customers involve parallel engagements and many stakeholders. Convergint uses a web-based tool to track all program, sales, and project action items. This tool provides a collaborative work management and automation solution, bringing focus to the right tasks, empowering resources and maintaining transparency. By documenting specific actions, status, priorities, due dates and action owners, the program manager can hold the teams accountable for the deliverables and provide timely and accurate updates.

Convergint has a history of successful program management deployments globally. Our customers are experiencing the value that professional program management can bring to their organizations including cost reductions, risk mitigation, enhanced communications, and most importantly a single point of responsibility and accountability.

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