Today, the most popular computer mounting product used to efficiently enter Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data is the Workstation on Wheels (WOW). This is a mobile cart with an onboard power system that allows clinicians to chart at the bedside and then move on to the next patient with ease. The WOW can be thoughtfully designed to aid the clinician’s workflow and can include large format computer displays, secure locking drawers for medication distribution, RFID readers, barcode scanner mounts, Sani-Cloth mounts, and many other accessories.

Knowing how to design the WOW for better workflows starts with asking the right questions—and the healthcare team at Convergint has the expertise to help with this process. Our dedicated experts have a deep understanding of the demands in healthcare environments and recognize that these carts must be easy for clinicians to push, reliable, and ergonomic. Moreover, Convergint not only supplies this equipment, but also offers an ongoing preventive maintenance schedule to extend the life of the cart and lower the cost of ownership.

Success among Convergint clients

Convergint is dedicated to working with the healthcare industry to optimize workflows and ultimately enhance the overall patient experience. This can be seen through the success of one Convergint healthcare customer who:

  •  Made a substantial investment and purchased over 800 WOWs in one year from Convergint.

  • Maintained those WOWs by contracting with Convergint to perform scheduled preventive maintenance every two years.

    • Preventive maintenance schedules have kept the entire fleet in top working condition by cleaning filters and replacing parts.
  • Effectively extended the usefulness of their fleet by several years.

  • Today, many of their WOWs are still in use nearly 13 years after being purchased and are just now being considered for replacement.

A global leader in systems integration

Convergint is a global, service-based systems integrator focused on mission-critical security, fire, and life safety infrastructure. Convergint offers last-mile delivery for emerging technology, backed by a 20-year commitment to its core value of service. To learn more, contact Convergint’s team of healthcare experts today.

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