Ken LaChance Colleague Emergency Fund

Ken LaChance Colleague Emergency Fund Image

The conception and creation of the Colleague Emergency Fund is dedicated to the memory and life of Ken LaChance, a colleague who contributed immeasurably to Convergint and who showed unwavering support of colleagues. The sole purpose of the fund is to provide limited financial assistance to eligible colleagues who are experiencing unforeseeable economic hardship due to certain emergency situations. Ken’s support and generosity will live on in all those that he helped and those who we continue to help in his name.

Ken LaChance served as Vice President of Business Development, having joined Convergint on September 19, 2001. Ken started our Atlanta CTC along with a fellow colleague and was the fifteenth colleague to join Convergint. On September 6, 2015, Ken passed away suddenly as the result of a devastating stroke. Just shy of 14 years with Convergint, he was the ultimate contributor to our success, the epitome of our Values and Beliefs, and a superb role model for every colleague. He truly made a daily difference.

Ken not only embodied the Values and Beliefs of Convergint, but he was also one of those rare human beings that shined in all he did and left a lasting impression on everyone he touched. People who knew him can honestly say he was one of the most inspirational people they ever had the pleasure of knowing. Ken was also an incredibly supportive and generous person who would pour himself into supporting a colleague and help them grow. While he was taken away from us way too soon, he lived a full and rewarding life by all measures. We sincerely miss Ken as the consummate professional and more importantly as an outstanding human being.

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