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Vector Flow’s next generation, data- driven PIAM solution sets the bar at a new level vs. legacy PIAM. Vector Flow’s Kafka-based, real-time, and AI-Powered automation delivers high performance to administrators and their customers. This next generation PIAM deploys faster and for less cost without hand-coded customizations, making future upgrades frictionless.

In the technology demo below, Vector Flow’s Tina Huston discusses next generation PIAM solutions.

Data-Driven and AI-Powered PIAM

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Originally Recorded Live at InSight Innovation Summit

Convergint’s InSight Innovation Summit was a digital transformation tradeshow event held May 18-20, 2021. Throughout the 3-day event, Convergint hosted Strategy Sessions, partner-sponsored Innovation Demos, and Executive Keynotes all discussing the latest game-changing technology and transformative solutions. 

About Vector Flow

Vector Flow is dedicated to using machine learning and automation to deliver improved operational efficiencies, and effectiveness, across the entire physical security domain. Vector Flow’s advanced cloud-enabled and on-premises platform converts raw security data from multiple sources into intelligent insights to drive operational performance and business results. In a matter of days or even hours, their domain-specific advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms start to identify and address security gaps, deliver recommendations for improvements, and make hidden details of your operational state visible. At the same time, their suite of applications leverages data intelligence to automate business processes, tasks, and workflows to reduce security distractions and expand continuous intelligence, letting your team focus on tasks that really matter and make decisions faster.