Chemical Engineering Magazine recently spoke with Convergint’s Business Development Manager Darin Dillon to further understand the necessary steps to secure organizations within one of the most at-risk industries: chemical processing.

The article, “Physical and Cybersecurity: Protect Your Plant,” by Joy LePree, recognizes and explains the importance of multiple levels of security to keep chemical facilities secure. The article discusses the programs in place that currently work to combat breaches within these organizations. It illuminates the threat vectors that an organization must keep in mind when deciding how to best utilize a combined physical and cybersecurity approach to keep their vulnerable assets safe from harm. The magazine spoke with Convergint’s Darin Dillon to gather his insights and understand his recommendations for this industry.

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“‘In the past, most chemical facilities had some sort of physical perimeter, such as fencing, for safety purposes to keep people from entering the property, says Darin Dillon, Business Development Manager with Convergint Technologies. 

“However, after 9/11 it became recognized that some of the chemicals stored and processed could be stolen, sold on the black market, and/or used as dirty bombs elsewhere – or that someone could enter a facility and turn valves, releasing toxic or explosive chemicals, endangering employees and surrounding communities. Today, the goal of physical security is to keep the bad apples out of the facility and away from the chemical supply chain,’ says Dillon.”

Check out the full article here to learn more about physical security and cybersecurity within the chemical processing industry.


About Darin Dillon

Darin Dillon, Business Development Manager at Convergint Technologies, has more than 35 years of experience within the electronic security & integrated systems industry. His expertise lies within sophisticated electronic security provisions for Fortune 1000 companies, hospitals, universities, and government facilities. He has been involved in the successful design and implementation of complex integrated systems for many of the world’s largest and most prominent corporations and organizations.