Organizations encounter increasing security challenges driven by technology interconnectivity, evolving cyber threats, regulatory demands, workforce changes, and rapid technological advances. Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive and adaptable cybersecurity strategy.

The Convergint financial team and March Networks collaborate to deliver innovative cloud-managed video surveillance solutions. This collaboration leverages cloud benefits alongside leading local recording devices to streamline operations, enhance security, and drive cost efficiencies for organizations of all sizes.

About the solution

Many organizations encounter challenges with traditional on-premises video surveillance systems, including lengthy setup times, high upfront costs, and complex maintenance requirements. Additionally, securely sharing video evidence and ensuring system cybersecurity remain ongoing concerns.

System solutions & benefits

To address these challenges, Convergint and March Networks offer a comprehensive suite of enterprise-level cloud-managed solutions tailored for security and operational efficiency:

  • Cloud Management – CES Cloud (Command Enterprise Hosted Service): Streamline deployment and reduce upfront costs by simplifying server setup and maintenance through cloud-based hosting, allowing centralized management of software installations and updates.

  • Cloud Monitoring – Insight: Proactive monitoring and maintenance of video surveillance networks, managing hardware, software, and network components to optimize system performance and minimize operational costs.

  • Cloud Analytics – Searchlight™ Cloud (SaaS): Gain comprehensive insights through a hosted solution integrating video, POS data, and analytics for loss prevention, KPI tracking, and making informed decisions.

  • Cloud Storage – Cloud Storage Solutions: Provides retention, and redundancy, and ensures most critical video data is securely stored, no matter the bandwidth capacity or compliance requirements. 

  • Cloud Sharing – Evidence Vault: A cost-effective and easy way to securely share video evidence outside networks without the hassle of portable media devices or the vulnerabilities of email and file-sharing.  

In addition, March Networks and Convergint offer March Networks CloudSight – the industry’s first camera-to-cloud video surveillance service with real-time AI analytics and video-based business intelligence. This cutting-edge VSaaS solution offers security and beyond for small-to-medium-sized businesses.

System results

By leveraging Convergint and March Networks’ cloud-managed video surveillance solutions, organizations can achieve:

  • Time savings and cost efficiencies through rapid deployment and reduced maintenance.

  • Enhanced security with robust cybersecurity measures.

  • Improved operations and insights through integrated analytics and reporting capabilities.

  • Simplified evidence sharing and collaboration using secure cloud-based solutions.

This collaboration between Convergint and March Networks empowers organizations to overcome security challenges effectively and leverage advanced technologies to drive operational excellence.

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About March Networks

March Networks collaborates with leading banks and retailers worldwide, delivering secure cloud-based intelligent video solutions that enhance security, operational efficiency, and profitability through real-time business insights. By integrating with point-of-sale (POS) systems and ATMs, March Networks empowers businesses to leverage video and AI analytics for growth and improved customer experiences. With decades of experience and a global presence, March Networks is a trusted partner to a diverse range of customers, serving over 1,000 financial institutions, 300 retailers, and 800+ commercial and industrial customers across 70 countries through a network of certified partners.

Please see the “IMPORTANT PRODUCT SAFETY AND SERVICE INFORMATION” documentation, available at  prior to using a Convergint-installed solution.