Convergint strategically partners with customers to integrate comprehensive AI solutions that enable business intelligence and data-driven decisions, while streamlining efficiencies, driving automation efforts, and lowering costs. By recognizing and understanding market threats, opportunities, and associated challenges, Convergint’s Digital Transformation team is able to implement rapid and targeted change based on practical applications.

The video below features Convergint colleague Steve Washburn as he discusses how Convergint uses AI and computer vision to create safe and secure environments.

Watch the video below to learn more about AI and Computer Vision.

Enabling Visual Intelligence Through AI and Computer Vision

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Steve Washburn is the Executive Director of Business Development for Convergint’s Digital Transformation team. Steve is responsible for business development, team management, and performance of all Digital Transformation sales activities across Convergint’s local, strategic, and global business units. Steve helps customers migrate from on-premise technology solutions to cloud-based solutions using Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud services while introducing the latest AI and ML technologies to help customers become safer, more secure, and more profitable.

Steve Washburn

Executive Director of Business Development, Convergint