In today’s dynamic world, security within the banking sector has grown increasingly complex. Protecting valuable assets and critical infrastructure demands innovative, comprehensive strategies.  At GSX 2023, Convergint partnered with Genetec and Hanwha Vision to introduce a unified system that bolsters security awareness in the financial sector. The TechTalk session honed in on the integration of Genetec’s video and event management with Hanwha Vision’s analytics, with a specific focus on real-time hook and chain robbery detection. This innovative fusion establishes a proactive security approach, empowering institutions to effectively manage security challenges.

By merging advanced video analytics with traditional security systems, it effectively overcomes the limitations of fragmented solutions, enhancing both threat responses and daily operations.

GSX TechTalk Takeaways:

Convergint, Genetec, and Hanwha Vision highlights these advanced security solutions showcased at the event:

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