Convergint and product partners recently came together to attend the Midwest Transmission Conference in Minot, North Dakota. This four-day event provided opportunities to network with a variety of Electric Cooperatives from around the Midwest. The Convergint Utilities team connected with Midwest Electric Cooperative leaders to explore mitigating risk at power generation and transmission stations, and identify ways to improve overall security and safety posture within their organizations.

The conference focused on:

  • Revision of projects

  • Managing design challenges and difficulties

  • System security and protection

  • Compliance and understanding

Protecting businesses with Convergint Utilities

Convergint is a global systems integrator offering scalable, customizable utilities solutions with unparalleled service delivery. Convergint provides high-security protective strategies, methodical program implementation, and develops comprehensive solutions focused on driving operational efficiencies throughout the industrial utility market. With a deep understanding of regulatory compliance requirements, Convergint deploys a layered design to ensure maximum performance and functionality.

The Midwest Transmission Conference

For decades, the Generation and Transmission Cooperatives in the upper Midwest have gathered for the purpose of improving all aspects of operating and maintaining the electrical delivery systems and facilities that they own and operate. Business leaders from engineering firms and construction businesses come together to interact and explore interactive visual security solutions.

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