711, 2022

Convergint’s Managed Services Improve Operational Efficiencies for Branch Automation Equipment

Convergint Remote Branch Insight (RBI) supports financial institutions seeking to increase operational efficiencies while optimizing ATM/ITM/cash recycler availability. Hosted in Microsoft Azure, Convergint RBI streamlines operations and provides branch networks with a scalable solution

809, 2022

Best Practices in Managing Video Platforms for your Financial Institutions

Convergint is committed to delivering best-in-class video platform solutions for financial institutions nationwide. Read the whitepaper below to discover best practices for managing video platforms and how Branchserv Convergint can install new video platform technology to

707, 2022

Advanced Terminals and ITMs are Changing the Face of Retail Banking

Convergint is committed to delivering best-in-class automation solutions for financial institutions nationwide. Read the whitepaper below to learn how Convergint can deliver cost savings, enhance convenience, improve consumer satisfaction, and fuel top-line growth via branch technology.

2306, 2022

Convergint Canada Provides the Highest Level of Protection for Financial Institutions

Convergint Canada offers a suite of project delivery tools to ensure that financial assets, customers, and employees are protected. With a deep understanding of regulatory compliance requirements and internal operations, Convergint deploys scalable solutions

1705, 2022

Overcome Common Financial Pain Points with Convergint Electronic Security Solutions

The banking universe has entered a remarkable era of enhanced accessibility, simplicity, and convenience. As a result, most consumers would agree that both the digital and in-branch experience have been vastly improved. But improved

305, 2022

Avoid These Three Common Video Surveillance Issues with Cloud-Based Video Network Monitoring

A financial institution’s large, distributed surveillance system can have hundreds or even thousands of security cameras, network video recorders (NVRs), and encoders spread out over many locations. The day-to-day management of so many devices

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