2306, 2022

Convergint Canada Provides the Highest Level of Protection for Financial Institutions

Convergint Canada offers a suite of project delivery tools to ensure that financial assets, customers, and employees are protected. With a deep understanding of regulatory compliance requirements and internal operations, Convergint deploys scalable solutions

1705, 2022

Overcome Common Financial Pain Points with Convergint Electronic Security Solutions

The banking universe has entered a remarkable era of enhanced accessibility, simplicity, and convenience. As a result, most consumers would agree that both the digital and in-branch experience have been vastly improved. But improved

305, 2022

Avoid These Three Common Video Surveillance Issues with Cloud-Based Video Network Monitoring

A financial institution’s large, distributed surveillance system can have hundreds or even thousands of security cameras, network video recorders (NVRs), and encoders spread out over many locations. The day-to-day management of so many devices

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