Sifting through recorded video in the event of an incident can be difficult and time-consuming. Convergint partners with Milestone and Snap Surveillance to provide live forensic tracking software for surveillance systems. This force-multiplying technology provides operators with the tools to respond effectively in real-time situations and quickly obtain recorded video.

Using tracking algorithms based on information theory, Snap Network Intelligence engine automatically finds the relationships between cameras’ fields of view, without requiring time-consuming and often unreliable manual configuration. Operating continuously at the sub-camera level, Snap finds which parts of those fields of view relate to every other camera. This powerful analysis operates at large scale.

For example, with a network of 1,000 cameras, each divided into 100 regions, there are 10 billion possible relationships; Snap finds the “relationship” needles in the haystack. Armed with the information it has learned about the camera relationships, Snap is able to support key applications delivering real customer value, such as the ability for operators to track activity as it moves from camera to camera across the network, using Snap’s video pursuit feature.

Snap Network Intelligence in Action

Below is a demonstration of the Snap operator interface running embedded within Milestone Systems’ SmartClient.


  • Respond quickly during incidents – In real-time critical incidents, users are forced to rely on site maps, their ability to recall camera locations, or to urgently scan across video walls to help locate the target.  This eliminates those bottlenecks.

  • Zero in on what users are looking for – Locating relevant video is like looking for needles in a haystack. Surveillance operators spend hours searching and assembling all the pieces of video related to an incident. This  technology streamlines the process of locating an incident.

  • Proactively identify gaps in coverage –  The worst time to discover a gap in coverage is when a key piece of video that’s needed is missing. This solution learns and displays linked cameras, proactively connecting all the cameras across a video system and highlighting any gaps so adjustments can be made.

Snap integrated with Milestone provides scalability to thousands of cameras, ensuring customers don’t outgrow their investment.

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