Rapid technological advancement, increasing urbanization, and escalating commuter and government demands are pressuring transit industry players to modernize. At the same time, it is critical that transit security and operations teams collaboratively address the reality of evolving physical and cyber threats that comes with change.

As such, Convergint is pleased to announce that Convergint Technology Centers (CTCs) in Albany, NY and Fremont, CA are now certified to offer Genetec Transportation Solutions. This transit-specific portfolio is designed to promote security, facilitate collaboration, and optimize agency operations, all through a single, intuitive interface. Benefits include a reduction in operational costs and increased public trust and revenues.

Solutions include Genetec’s onboard mobile surveillance system which is gaining strong attention in the context of public busing. While K-12 schools are laser focused on school security systems, most student transportation systems lack the same sophistication. While video monitoring and GPS tracking technologies are gaining traction onboard school buses, many systems are limited in their interconnectivity. A single interface for all systems, as provided by Genetec and Convergint, allows for real time vehicle monitoring and: 

  • Precise GPS tracking

  • Advanced vehicle telematics

  • Flexible onboard video

  • Synchronized data

  • Proactive response

Genetec Fleet Monitoring

This Genetec Fleet Monitoring solution addresses a strong need for optimized processes. Running an efficient operation means you have a unified, real-time view of your activities, to constantly identify operational gaps, respond swiftly to emerging incidents, and facilitate growth. This solution is purpose-built for safer, more integrated fleet management. Convergint is pleased to be able to offer it to K-12 and other public transit providers in Upstate New York and California.

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While restricted to two CTCs at the moment, Convergint expects to expand certifications to offer these solutions to more locations. Contact an expert today to learn how Convergint SLED team can offer cost-effective, scalable solutions that maximize budgets, reduce risk, and leverage technology for local and state governments.