Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that businesses utilize commonly relate to data analysis and business intelligence; however, as AI continues to advance, computer vision is poised to transform the way nearly every industry completes visual tasks. From banking to security and from the microscopic to the geospatial, organizations can now use any kind of visual data to rapidly train advanced AI models that mimic human recognition and automate visual task completion. Essentially, if the use-case requires human eyes and human understanding, such as detection for security cameras, crowd analytics, supply room loss prevention, or workplace safety, an advanced computer vision system can achieve the task faster, more affordably, and with dramatically higher levels of accuracy.

With the goal of automating and improving the accuracy of sight-oriented tasks, Convergint partners with Chooch AI to offer advanced computer vision solutions.

Problem: Manual Tasks can be Costly & Inefficient

The Chooch AI platform solves two primary problems.

  1. The inadequacies and inefficiencies of human visual task performance related to monitoring, inspection, analysis, and judgment
  2. The inadequacies and inefficiencies related to the time and cost of developing a computer vision solution by traditional means

The platform is easy to use and can rapidly deploy sophisticated visual AI models to the cloud or edge. While the traditional method of building a computer vision model requires six to nine months, Chooch AI users have the ability to design, test, and deploy AI models in just days.

Solution: Chooch AI Computer Vision Platform

By replacing the human labor required to complete detailed and labor-intensive visual tasks, Chooch AI saves businesses money while providing better outcomes and freeing employees to focus on more business-critical tasks. The Chooch AI platform is:

  • Accurate & Consistent: Visual AI systems do not get tired, fatigued, or distracted like human employees. This translates into fewer inspection errors, more accurate cell counting, better defect detection, and more.

  • Cost Effective: If the task requires a human to review visual data with his or her eyes and make an informed judgment, the Chooch AI platform can typically complete the task faster, more accurately, and less expensively.

  • Automated: Visual AI replaces the human component required to complete repetitive and monotonous tasks such as watching security cameras, scanning assembly lines for defects, monitoring staff for PPE violations, and nearly any other kind of visually dependent job.

  • Convenient: Chooch AI models run on local edge servers for 100% data security and data isolation, or they can run in the cloud for absolute convenience and agility.

Results: Tasks Completed Faster, Cheaper, and More Accurately

Chooch AI’s platform automates and improves the accuracy of any sight-oriented task, resulting in quicker completion times at less cost. Because AI models are affordable to develop and use, Chooch AI offers higher levels of accuracy, efficiency, oversight, safety, and security to any organization. 

Contact an expert today to learn how Convergint can help integrate the Chooch AI solution to reduce costs and risk and increase throughput and quality by deploying computer vision fast and delivering immediate business improvements.

About Chooch AI

With high accuracy and fast response time, Chooch AI is the leader both in computer vision training and deployment for true Visual AI on the edge and in the cloud. Chooch provides complete artificial intelligence solutions in healthcare, geospatial, media, security, retail, and industrial applications.