Hospitals are often stressful environments for patients, staff, and visitors. Convergint partners with Sound Intelligence and Axis Communications to integrate advanced sound detection analytics on IP cameras, providing security personnel and staff the critical time needed to verify and respond appropriately to potentially escalating incidents. This system increases safety for patients and staff by improving situational awareness with the following:

  • Early warning and reduced response times to potential threats

  • Quick video verification to enable appropriate response than can:

    • Prevent or de-escalate physical aggression
    • Respond to in-progress pharmacy burglaries with glass break detection
    • Save lives in active shooter incidents
  • Better insight into the frequency and location of incidents to improve processes

Types of sound detection

Did you know?

of workplace violence occurs in healthcare facilities
of physical aggression starts with verbal aggression
of nurses have experienced either physical or verbal abuse

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Convergint, partnered with Sound Intelligence and Axis, has the expertise needed to deploy an integrated security system to keep healthcare facilities operating smoothly and safely. Contact a security expert today to roadmap your security infrastructure.