The Charlestown Shopping Centre is part of the General Property Trust (GTP) Group, one of Australia’s largest diversified property groups. Built in 1973, the centre located in Newcastle, AU caters to 30,000 customers daily and around 15 million annually.


Since its opening, The Charlestown Shopping Centre has undergone five major rebuilds and has had a size increase of 65 percent. With this amount of ground to cover, the analog cameras and DVRs previously installed needed an upgrade. Additionally, an open system was needed to assist with future expansions and enhancements.

“After 8 years, we needed to upgrade our surveillance system not only to take advantage of the improvements in performance, but also to ensure we avoided future failures of old equipment,” GPT Group operations manager, Andrew Hungerford, explains.


Integrators Australia, a Convergint Technologies Company, recently installed 300 Axis cameras, a Genetec Security Center VMS, and Inner Range Integriti access control solution, at the Charlestown Shopping Centre. 

The new upgrade goes beyond the basics and has brought in elements that have the ability for expansion.   

“Something the new solution does give us is the ability to expand in completely new directions with things like analytics. We’re just starting to work this into our pipeline, including LPR and face recognition,” Hungerford adds.

Part of the upgrade included a new Genetec Security Center, which helps provide a video management solution. Hungerford was most impressed by the app associated with the security center because it “changes the way management can drive the entire security function.” Beyond the app, the VMS provides Genetec Visual track to help follow potential treats in the shopping center.


Overall the new surveillance system has provided upgrades that make the ever-expanding center safer for all visitors.

“Integrators Australia supports us across other parts of the GPT portfolio,” Hungerford said. “Having an integrator that knows you and your systems is a real benefit.” 

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