Healthcare facilities are one of the most complex and chaotic environments to secure and manage. These facilities have hundreds of staff and visitors every day, have multiple entries and exit points, and house several other facilities.

From identifying non-authorized persons entering the facility to notifying a nurse of a potential patient fall, Hanwha Techwin and Convergint Technologies are committed to providing intelligent healthcare safety and security solutions in a variety of form factors to solve these critical challenges.

Security Monitoring Automation with Video Analytics 

Healthcare workers are often burdened by false system alarms, leading to “alarm fatigue.” This is an issue experienced by many that may end with security and staff missing critical security events or loss in the general efficiency in daily operations.

Convergint can install Hanwha cameras that are equipped with onboard video and audio analytics suites to help bring operational anomalies to healthcare staff’s attention. Being able to set customized triggers for critical alarms regarding security, environmental, and clinical applications allows security and staff to focus on other important areas of work without missing critical events. 

These automations include integrating license plate recognition with access control for garages and parking structures, identifying unauthorized personnel in sensitive or restricted areas with loitering detection, and virtual line crossings. Additionally, it can also protect the system itself from vandalism or destructive behavior through tamper and shock detection. Other analytic features and applications can be added through Hanwha Techwin’s Open Platform policy to meet customer-specific requirements.

Healthcare-focused analytics includes:

  • Loitering & Intrusion 

  • Virtual Line Enter or Exit 

  • People Counting 

  • Defocus Detection 

  • Motion Detection 

  • Tampering Detection 

  • Face Detection 

  • Audio Analytics 

  • License Plate Recognition 

  • Shock Detection 

Intelligent Remote Monitoring for High-Risk Patients

A challenge for healthcare facilities is having a safe and effective way to monitor high-risk patients and reducing falls. Historically, healthcare facilities will place a patient sitter in each room to ensure patients do not fall or harm themselves accidentally. Even with a nurse or observer at the bedside, there is always the possibility that further assistance will be required during an incident.

With intelligent Hanwha Techwin video technology, healthcare facilities can deploy non-recording cameras in patient rooms for remote visual and audio observation, monitoring multiple patients at a time safely from a single workstation. Coupled with a video analytics suite to automate the detection of potential falls or other events, it allows healthcare facilities to reduce the costs associated with hiring a single nurse or sitter to monitor individual patients without compromising the health or needs of each patient.

Hanwha Techwin and Convergint Technologies together provide superior integrated security systems that keep facilities safe. With integrated analytics healthcare facilities are able to address a variety of challenges and ultimately help facilities run better and keep patients safe. 

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