In June 2023, Convergint colleagues in the Ireland underwent PACOM training. Convergint are proud of their colleagues continuous development and commitment to supporting Convergint’s  Values and Beliefs.


I am thrilled to announce that a number of our esteemed Convergint Ireland Engineers have recently accomplished the prestigious PACOM certification. Our engineers truly embody the spirit of the Convergint Ireland Operations Team, demonstrating unwavering dedication and resilience in their roles. It takes a strong individual to excel in this demanding position, as they constantly face the pressure to deliver excellence for our valued customers and colleagues.

To ensure their success in this challenging endeavor and to maintain our status as the leading service provider for our customers, we recognize the critical importance of providing our engineers with comprehensive training and unwavering support. The PACOM Training program offers a specialized curriculum specifically tailored to our industry. It equips our engineers with essential skills and knowledge in the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of PACOM’s Intruder and Access Control solutions

~Tony Burns, Commercial Director Ireland, Convergint

About the course

The PACOM course is divided into three sections:


    This module introduces PACOM’s comprehensive line of security solutions, including PACOM configuration software—GMS. It is intended for technicians who will be installing, configuring, and maintaining these solutions.


    This training carries on from the Technician—Introductory Technical training course. In this course technicians have the opportunity to further use and familiarise themselves with PACOM GMS software and to configure a typical security solution. Technicians will run through a range of tasks detailing Controller, alarm area, and access control configuration.


    GMS is the focus of this module. It begins by installing a comprehensive GMS server and workstation setup, then looking at the different application modules in GMS, such as the Card Access Manager, Events Manager, and Transaction Manager. Also covered is configuring communications between GMS and third-party DVRs. Additionally, the technicians look at maintaining a working GMS.


“Convergint Ireland is pleased to continue our long relationship with PACOM in the installation and support of their intruder, access control, and CCTV solutions. By investing in our engineers’ professional development through the PACOM certification, we empower them to tackle any project with confidence and expertise. This achievement not only highlights their individual capabilities but also reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our customers. We take immense pride in the accomplishments of our Convergint Ireland Engineers and extend our heartfelt congratulations to them for their outstanding dedication and achievement.

~Tony Burns, Commercial Director Ireland, Convergint

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