Healthcare administrators face increasingly difficult challenges—in addition to providing accessible, safe and functional facilities for patients, staff, physicians and visitors, they must optimize patient experiences. The patient experience is at the top of a hospital’s priority list because compensation, reimbursement and quality outcomes are linked to patient feedback.

When faced with health issues, many aspects of a patient’s life can feel out of control. The little things provide patients with control over their environments like locking cabinets to protect personal belongings during treatment. Patients also want to be treated in a comfortable, pleasant environment. They prefer a home like setting, one that feels familiar such as a hospital room with hotel-like qualities or a chemotherapy treatment room that is comfortable.

On any given day, a lot can happen within the hospital making it increasingly stressful to manage security. Staff, patients, and families want assurances that security is properly managed. Genetec’s unified security solution enhances the clinical and patient experience. On any given day, a lot can happen within the hospital making it increasingly stressful to manage security.

With the right investment in technology, healthcare centers can empower their teams to be faster and more effective at protecting everyone, while keeping operations running smoothly. A unified and open security platform helps to handle it all. From video and access control systems to nurse call stations and parking solutions, security can manage every system from a single interface.

A unified interface boosts efficiency. No matter what comes up during the day. The system stays effective at locating lost patients, safeguarding medical equipment and drugs, managing building access for employees and volunteers, while ensuring your healthcare center is compliant and running well. Over time, this flexible platform allows security to re-evaluate processes and make changes so they can use existing hardware and rollout new devices and systems when needed. As regulations and organizations evolve, an open and unified platform help maintain compliance and keep everyone safe.

A unified and open security platform creates very little disruption to operations and allows for flexible budgeting and spending. Here are recommendations for optimal results:

Key benefits of a unified security platform for healthcare facilities

  • Flexible. Confidently scale hundreds of devices or expand operations to new centers. Start with video surveillance and integrate new security
    and healthcare systems to meet evolving compliance requirements.

  • Private. Use built-in video redaction capabilities to blur out faces of patients or visitors in video frames. Easily monitor, conduct investigations or share video while ensuring the highest levels of individual privacy.

  • Control. Add access control readers to medical cabinets to secure narcotics, or to front-line workstations to protect patient records. Patients wristbands
    can also include radio frequency identification chips which can track in real-time.

  • Efficient. Pre-program alarms and determine a response strategy  in advance. For example, if a patient goes missing, selecting an active threat level trigger a response that guides the team through the right steps so they can quickly make decisions that lead to a resolution.

  • Monitor. Build one or many command centers to access systems from any location. Empower doctors and nurses by giving them restricted access to the video system so they can then monitor patients who may require immediate care or show violent behavior.

  • Automate. Use security system to automate processes and reduce staffing. Track emergency room visitors during specific times using people counting analytics, improve nurse schedules, and ensure clean rooms stay contaminant-free without requiring a full-time guard.

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