An accident caused by a person with unauthorized access can have catastrophic business impacts. Unqualified workers risk serious safety, regulatory, insurance or, bottom line impacts to an organization.

Convergint, partnered with RightCrowd, delivers an automated certification and training management solution. The solution checks the competencies and certifications of every employee, vendor, and contractor every time they enter a worksite. This solution ensures that access will only be granted where a worker has the appropriate certifications and training in place.

Competency-based access can be configured to support specific regulatory, workplace, or work zone requirements. This functionality allows safety and operations personnel to map work zones to the specific competencies and the training required to work in that area.

Where access is denied, the solution immediately notifies security staff, identifying the worker and the missing credential. This feature removes the guesswork in complex work environments where multiple certifications are required and allow security personnel to collaborate with operations to better manage non-compliance risks.

Software to proactively notify security staff

Where a certification is about to expire, warning notifications can be sent prior to access revocation directly to the worker, their manager, and to HR. The solution also allows operations staff to determine a worker’s current certifications and training, and determine any additional requirements for temporary access changes or new job roles.

Business Benefits

  • Enforce compliance through physical access control system

  • Manage access for employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors to specific work zones and certifications or training

  • Link access to contract periods, shutdowns, or purchase orders

  • Integrate solution to corporate or third-party systems

  • Obtain auditable compliance reporting

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