Operating a Closed Room or a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) according to the guidelines of Department of Defense (DoD) can be a difficult task for any Facility Security Officer (FSO). Hiring a certified UL 2050 integrator to ensure alarm services are compliant with strict DoD standards is the first step. 

The National Industrial Security Systems, or a CRZH certification, regulates facilities that process classified material. A security company that has CRZH certification is authorized to consult, construct, inspect, monitor, and certify a Closed Room or SCIF within a specified radius of about a four-hour response time, or 200 miles.

What is UL 2050?

 UL 2050 is a standard that describes the monitoring, signal processing, investigation, servicing, and operation of alarm systems for which a national industrial security system certificate has been issued by UL.

All government contractors who handle classified material are required to meet the United States DoD standards for their SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility)  facilities.

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UL 2050 History

In 1993, the DoD developed a set of standards and guidelines for securing its classified material, information, and equipment by a government contractor. Those standards were in an operation manual call NISPOM (Nation Industrial Security Program Operating Manual).  In order to do work for the DoD, every contractor’s facility would need to meet those standards. UL developed the UL 2050 standard to meet, and often exceed, the NISPOM requirements. The DoD recognized UL’s standards and have authorized them to certify security companies to install, monitor, inspect, and service these type of systems.

Who Can Provide UL 2050?

Not every Security Integrator can provide these services. When contacting an Alarm Service Provider or Security Services Company for a quote, ensure that the company has UL 2050 certification.

If a problem with the system is uncovered during the inspection, which is performed by an uncertified company, the issue could require the equipment to be removed and reinstalled by a certified company. This process can delay the project and the accreditation and could mean costly expenses for the FSO.

To be able to issue a UL certificate and service a UL 2050 account, our Convergint Technology Centers must be CRZH-listed with UL. Convergint maintains multiple certified locations throughout the United States, offering the following:

  • Servicing
  • Monitoring
  • Investigation
  • Signal Processing
  • Alarm System Operation

Convergint’s UL 2050 Certified Locations

Convergint is certified to install UL 2050 CRZH.BP9959 Industrial Security Systems, within a 200-mile radius of each mapped location.

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