Most schools have adopted electronic access control and video surveillance systems to enhance campus security. However, since many schools have added components over several years, systems may not be effectively integrated or use outdated technologies that create vulnerabilities.

This results in siloed systems that are complicated, expensive to maintain, and often difficult to use. Eventually, the technology becomes obsolete and needs to be replaced, increasing maintenance costs and leading schools to spend significant time fixing their system or implementing workarounds.

With Genetec unified campus security solutions, schools can do much more with their systems using fewer resources. This unified platform improves response times and everyday operations, and may cost less over time than legacy systems due to lower maintenance costs.

One unified security system

Traditional security systems are generally divided by functions and cannot easily be intertwined with each other.

Unifying these often-isolated systems can offer many benefits, including:

  • Faster and more efficient operations– When all components of a school’s campus security system, including access control, video surveillance, sensors, and license plate readers, are monitored and controlled within the same intuitive software interface, security teams can respond quickly and work more efficiently.

  • Reduction of false alarms– False alarms can be cut down with a unified platform that combines data from door sensors with live and recorded video from the cameras, determining if the alarm needs to be responded to.

  • Balancing video surveillance with privacy– Intelligent analytics allow security teams to analyze footage from specific times and locations, and any other relevant data from access control or license plate readers that might help identify any perpetrators. If needed, this technology can protect individuals’ right to anonymity.

  • IP-based access control management– In a unified security system, access can be defined by one role and can be granted or revoked easily as needs change.  

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