Data centers are the building blocks of the online world. With an increase in user-generated content, streaming services, and online purchasing, the amount of data being produced is massive. As organizations continue to collect this data, their storage needs grow with them, driving demand in utilizing data centers. In response to this growth, data center operations consolidate and security teams need to be able to secure facilities across multiple sites, but the legacy security technology they inherit can’t keep up with their needs.

With the exponential surge in data that’s being produced, data centers need to prepare their operations and facilities for unprecedented growth. Investing in an open and flexible access control system can efficiently manage large amounts of data and visitors, and allow data centers to centralize operations across multiple sites. To mitigate these risks and ensure data remains protected, Convergint partners with Genetec to provide modernized security solutions for data centers, such as Security Center Synergis

Synergis: A Modern Access Control Solution for Data Centers

Security Center Synergis is an innovative IP access control solution, built to address unique business needs for today and in the future.

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