On June 10th 2022, Convergint Oceania closed its offices in Australia and New Zealand to take part in its first Convergint Social Responsibility Day. Over 60 colleagues from 8 locations were able to donate their time, expertise, and resources to 5 local organisations. Convergint Oceania colleagues took the opportunity to identify and give back to the charities and organisations they are passionate about.

View highlights from local projects below.

Canice’s Kitchen in Sydney, New South Wales

Convergint Sydney colleagues went out to Canice’s Kitchen to work alongside with their chef, preparing lunch for 150 marginalised community members. With over 30 years under their belt, Canice’s Kitchen has now transformed into a daily service providing support to men and women experiencing homelessness and social exclusion. They provide a place of connection and support for those who have no permanent address.

Chip Packet Project in Auckland, New Zealand

The New Zealand team participated and hosted volunteers from the Chip Packet Project NZ (CPPNZ) at their Auckland office. The team combined efforts to turn discarded chips and biscuit packets into thermal survival sheets, pillows and other vital items for those in need. Colleagues worked with the charity LifeWise and were able to provide 13 kete’s (bags) that contain a survival sheet and pillow each for further distribution.

Clean Up Australia in Brisbane, Queensland

Convergint Brisbane colleagues went out to Wynnum foreshore in collaboration with Clean Up Australia. Australia now produces 2.5 million tonnes of plastic waste each year, equating to 100 kg per person. Of this, only 13% of plastic is recovered and 84% is sent to landfill. Over a period of 30 years, Clean Up Australia has become the nation’s largest community-based environmental event. Brisbane colleagues got together and helped the local community by removing accumulated rubbish. 

Dismantle in Perth, Western Australia

Colleagues from Convergint Perth had the privilege of supporting Dismantle Inc.’s BikeRescue to help WA’s disadvantaged young people. Every year, through the program, Dismantle collects and recycles hundreds of rusty old bikes destined for landfill. It is also a dynamic youth development program that uses hands-on skill-building to engage and mentor young people in need of support. Convergint colleagues helped extract useful parts like brakes, reflectors, and tires from over 25 bikes which will now be recycled to build new bikes for auctions to raise money. 

Port Phillip Eco Centre in Melbourne, Victoria

Convergint Melbourne colleagues went out to Port Phillip Eco Centre to help native bees and the local environment by building insect hotels. The hotels are a great way to reintroduce solitary bees and insect pollinators back into the environment. Melbourne colleagues used clay sub trays to make mud fillers for bee burrows. These burrows will make great pollinator hubs and are highly beneficial for the environment by providing pollination for Australian native flowers, crops and fruit trees.


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