Welcome to the Arena recently featured Convergint’s VP of Technology & Innovation Eric Yunag in an episode discussing the future of the connected world. From his view at the forefront of integrated security, he highlights what the next technological revolution will look like, and why companies today need a technologist. Plus, insights will be shared on how different industries are adapting to digitalization, and what it means to create an experience with your service.

In Welcome to the Arena, Co-Founder & CEO of ICR, Tom Ryan, interviews key business and financial players who influence the fate of public or aspiring public companies in the capital markets.

Listen to the full podcast recording below.

Connecting the Dots: Making Your Technology Work Together

“We are at a point in human history where we can turn anything we see into data. We’re able to deliver that data for you and turn it into something you can measure, see over time, and optimize. It’s really fascinating to see that unfold across lots of different industries.”

~ Eric Yunag, VP of Technology & Innovation, Convergint

About Eric Yunag

Eric Yunag Head Shot Image

Eric Yunag has over 20 years of diverse business experience in the security integration industry. Eric joined Convergint through the acquisition of his company in 2016 and has held a variety of leadership roles since that time. In his present role as VP of Technology and Innovation, he is responsible for assessing the impact of technology trends and developing strategies for business models, technology partnerships, and solution offerings. During the span of his career, Eric has held leadership positions in operations, business development, and technology.

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