The safety of customers, guests, and employees is vital to business growth and by making safety a strategic focus of their operations, organizations can transform customer experience and workplace safety. Through advancements in technology and digital transformation, businesses can better protect stakeholders by incorporating touchless access control and video analytics that deliver alerts and actionable intelligence on security threats.

Convergint partners with Oosto, formerly Anyvision, to enhance workplace safety and preserve the customer experience by leveraging the power of Vision AI. Convergint and Oosto harness the power of Vision AI and machine learning, transforming video into valuable insights for real-time alerting, frictionless access control, and rapid video review and forensic search.

Challenge: Protecting sensitive areas

With the growing concern of security threats, controlling and monitoring access to sensitive areas is vital. There may be areas of a facility, such as a server room, that are extremely sensitive and should only be accessed by specific personnel or employees. Security must be alerted right away if an unauthorized individual enters or attempts to enter these areas. Protecting sensitive areas can also help promote workplace safety and enhance the customer experience.

Solution: Oosto’s Vision AI

Oosto’s transformative technology provides facial recognition, biometric-based insights, and real-time alerts to protect customers, guests, and employees. The software offers useful applications across multiple industries with its intuitive platform that is easy to install and integrate with current security systems. Oosto’s Vision AI solution highlights:

  • Actionable intelligence: Oosto sends real-time alerts of unauthorized personnel, watchlist detections, and unknown individuals when they enter a restricted zone. The technology allows security teams to take a proactive approach and assists in halting incidents before they happen.

  • Touchless access: Using face-based biometrics with liveness detection, Oosto enables organizations to minimize physical contact risks with its cutting-edge access control solutions. Plus, biometric-based access control offers additional security since a person’s face cannot be lost, shared, or stolen, which are traditional weaknesses of cardkey and keypad solutions.

  • Real-world conditions: Most video monitoring solutions frequently struggle to correctly identify people under real-world conditions such as large crowds to low-light environments, extreme camera angles, and obscured faces. Oosto’s technology, however, excels in the most challenging conditions.

  • Camera versatility: Oosto’s solution integrates seamlessly with just about any camera or turnstile in any location. Customers do not need to rip and replace their cameras in year one, but instead can use analytics as a value-add to their existing infrastructure. Oosto is simple and cost effective to install, resulting in a rapid return on investment.

  • Forensic investigations: Oosto expedites investigations by searching through hours of offline video footage for persons of interest in a matter of minutes.

  • Edge optimization: Oosto moves compute processing to the edge, reducing hardware costs and the total cost of ownership for customers. Moving to the edge also makes video processing faster, more economical, and more secure.

Results: Protecting people and businesses

By providing frictionless, proactive access to people who are authorized to enter a space through privacy-compliant face recognition, detection speeds are decreased, false alarms are minimized, and security teams are more productive. Powered by Vision AI, Oosto ensures that the right people have access to the right places at the right time to keep customers, employees, and visitors safe.

Contact an expert today to learn how Convergint can help integrate the Oosto solution within your existing infrastructure to provide a safe and secure environment while addressing today’s physical security concerns.

About Oosto

Oosto is leveraging the power of Vision AI to power the technologies to enhance the safety of customers, guests, and employees. This includes touchless access control and video analytics which deliver the insights and alerts to protect these pivotal stakeholders from bad actors and security threats. Learn more here.