From multi-site hospital systems to citywide deployments, the need to accommodate an infinite number of cameras to match expanding surveillance system needs is large, and so is keeping the recorded video safe.

Convergint partners with OnSSI to provide Ocularis, an innovative and cost-effective open-platform Video Management Software (VMS) designed to enhance security while simplifying daily workloads, to customers. The Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platform has the capability to record video from both analog cameras and integrated IP network cameras. Ocularis provides advanced tools and enhanced integrations like smart motion detection, access control, biometrics, and behavioral analytics. Ocularis can help change the course of an event in real-time, getting closer to prevention.

Early Warning

Integrations with partners in analytics, access control, LPR, RFID, and more.


Combine network-based surveillance video with business data.

Open Platform

Supports a number of analog, HD, and 4K cameras.

Increases Profits

Self-guided interface significantly shortens operator training time.

  • Centrally manage camera views, events, and operator user rights

  • Advanced investigation tools provide fast access to incidents

  • Built-in, multi-level maps for easy system navigation

  • Receive analytics and smart alerts from cameras and recorders

  • Camera-based motion detection and server-based motion detection with ability to designate areas for motion alarms

  • On-demand or scheduled video exports from mobile or remote locations

  • A wide range of third-party integrations to help quickly identify various threats

Data Security

Ocularis enhances security with video evidence protection. Video databases are randomized to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing video evidence. Built-in encryption between both the Client and Recorder also helps to keep the data secured. Writing and storing data to the hard drive is also incredibly efficient. Because of the way Ocularis moves video to drives, more data can be processed and written to them using less expensive hard drives without sacrificing performance.

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