The importance of workplace safety is increasing on a daily basis. Personnel working in hazardous environments in Australia and New Zealand are prone to dangers despite preventative measures like protective equipment. To provide real-time response and assistance at an incident site, Convergint Oceania partners with Spectrum Camera Solutions to offer monitoring of hazardous sites by combining cutting-edge technology with the highest levels of quality to deliver outstanding performance and reliability

With the goal of reducing risk and improving safety and security, Spectrum Cameras Solutions provide explosion-protected solutions with the latest technologies driven by mainstream markets. The Explosion Proof Camera products are designed and manufactured in the USA. As a leader with a reputation for creating exciting and reliable hazardous area products, Spectrum prides itself in delivering outstanding execution from R&D to production as an ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified company.

Problem: Proactive monitoring of risks at hazardous sites

The protection of personnel is of paramount importance in harsh environmental conditions. Exposure to hazardous areas where a flammable product may be present pose significant risks and liabilities to the organisation to the affected person. Due to these risks, it can be difficult to provide an integrated solution that meets national and international standards to protect enclosures prone to damage by gases, dust, and flying fibers.

The Spectrum Camera Solution offers:

Spectrum Cameras eliminate most of the major risks associated with personnel and equipment protection by providing explosion proof cameras that have analytical capabilities and the ability to perform multiple tasks for its operator. The Spectrum Camera solution is:

  • POE powered technology: All products are Power Over Ethernet (POE) powered which help reduce cost of traditional power cabling and tradesmen responsible for installation. The solution is a low voltage security sensor, not an electrical device.

  • Smart cameras: The cameras act as remote sensors performing multiple tasks for the operator, and can be recognised as a safety device.

  • In-built AI: All Spectrum Cameras have built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and are powerful enough to add additional AI that suits the clients unique application.

  • Patented reliable securing kit: The American Petroleum Institute drop compliant securing kit eliminates the need for costly nets to protect workers from overhead objects.

  • Client-centric service: Spectrum Cameras come with a 5-year warranty and have the lowest lead time in the industry, averaging at 3 weeks. Most cameras come with advance replacement.

  • Easy installation: The unique keyed mounting system in all products allows a single person to install the cameras.

  • Dual chamber protection: The PTZ models of explosion proof cameras protect them from incursion as the connections are made in the secondary chamber.

  • PBD technology: Spectrum Cameras eliminate the condensation effect by using Patented Breather Drain (PBD) technology that allow cameras “to breathe” when not in use.

  • Certified solutions: Spectrum Camera Solutions are an ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified company.

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About Spectrum Camera Solutions

Spectrum Camera Solutions manufactures a full range of globally certified Explosion-Proof camera systems to monitor any hazardous area. Founded in 2012, Spectrum Camera Solutions has an unparalleled background as a world leader in hazardous area vision systems for process, security, and safety, creating a new range of Explosion-Proof cameras based on durable materials, innovative engineering, and operational excellence.