Healthcare facilities have a duty to protect a patient’s privacy. HIPAA is United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information.  In certain situations, privacy could be compromised when video surveillance is used to record patients, potentially causing a conflict with HIPAA regulations.

Convergint Technologies has partnered with Avigilon™ to provide healthcare facilities with a new IoT Radar Sensor with Avigilon Presence Detector (APD). The APD technology is an exceptional solution for maintaining safe and secure operations while maintaining patient privacy.

Avigilon Presence Detector

APD is a sensor that combines self-learning analytics with impulse radar technology to accurately detect the presence of a person even if they have stopped moving or are hidden. This sensor can accurately detect a person’s presence through blankets, cardboard, wood, and drywall. Impulse radar technology utilizes a very low energy, short-range transmission signal with a much wider frequency than conventional radar systems. This makes it effective in detecting people even when they are not moving, while also being able to detect fine motion such as breathing to alert for presence.

Benefits include:

  • Accurate Detection

  • Intelligent Analytics

  • Ensures Complete Privacy

  • Fast & Easy to Install

  • Impulse Radar Technology

  • Intelligent Analytics

Conceptual Diagram for APD Installation and Range

With a small and discreet design, the APD can be hidden above ceiling panels or behind interior walls. The indoor impulse radar sensor, combined with self-learning analytics, scans and learns the environment, continuously adapting to reduce false positive events, providing extremely high accuracy in detecting the presence of a person at distances up to 9 meters from the sensor.

APD is easy to install and integrates seamlessly with Avigilon Control Center™ video management software (VMS) to provide operators accurate alarm notifications in order to take action.

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