The healthcare industry faces many significant security challenges such as workplace violence, drug-related crimes, gang violence, infant & child abduction threats, natural disasters, and terrorism. With the amount of data coming from these incidents via video surveillance data, being able to sift through the data quickly is crucial for a healthcare facility to maintain a safe environment.

One solution for this concern is search, review, and analysis technology. Convergint and BriefCam can implement this solution to allow for rapid video analysis configured in Milestone XProtect. Check out the video below to learn more about how this technology addresses these security concerns.

BriefCam Solution Overview

How Milestone XProtect & BriefCam Solutions Work Together

This technology identifies, tags, and databases all moving objects into various classifications, such as color and size, and categorizes by object type, such as people, car, or animal. In addition, the BriefCam platform provides quantitative analysis of video data to make informed, data-driven decisions. By leveraging this aggregated video analytic metadata, administrators can perform quantitative analysis, extract actionable insights from their video, and visualize them within customizable dashboards and reports.

In the unfortunate event of a crime occurring in a healthcare facility, this solution can quickly help with the investigation. Results can be exported, shared, and/or bookmarked within XProtect, and original video evidence is accessed in one click. Tasks can be scheduled in advance, with results delivered via email. 

A BriefCam/Milestone integration is perfect for checking compliance regulatory adherence across an entire facility, such as hand-washing guidelines and medical dress codes.


  • Ease of Use – BriefCam is seamlessly integrated into a healthcare facility’s Milestone VMS and is accessible at the click of a tab.

  • Improved Efficiency– An hour of video is viewed in a minute, freeing staff to focus on other important tasks.

  • Faster Time-To-Target – If a patient wanders out of a hospital unnoticed, cameras covering the path of egress can be reviewed by BriefCam to track down the patient.

  • Safer & More Secure – Healthcare facilities can receive a report of egregious behavior.

The BriefCam integration with Milestone XProtect is assured through rigorous testing, evaluation, and documentation, with a focus on four areas: functionality, usability, performance, and partner assessment.

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