The Convergint SLED team and Wesco Anixter collaborate to redefine the landscape of electrical, lighting, voice, and data communications, MRO supplies, and related services. This collaboration signifies a powerful partnership to deliver unparalleled solutions to various sectors, including K-12 schools, government agencies, industrial firms, and more. With a global network, Convergint, in collaboration with Wesco, provides comprehensive support and services, ensuring national coverage with a localized touch.

About the solution

Facing technological advancements and evolving industry demands, businesses often struggle to navigate complexity. Convergint and Wesco Anixter address this challenge by offering innovative solutions beyond traditional product supply chains.

System solutions & benefits

Convergint and Wesco Anixter go beyond product delivery. Access specialized teams delivering expertise in crucial areas:

  • Technology & Support Services (TSS) Team: Providing technical expertise and expert guidance to develop innovative solutions and services.

  • Wireless Team: Aiding in the selection of products from a state-of-the-art lineup of carrier-approved solutions.

  • Power Solutions Team: Addressing the intricate demands of the energy sector, with a focus on reliability, regulation, security, safety, and storm response challenges.

  • Security Solutions Team:  Identifying deployment and installation services to improve job site efficiency and increase cash flow.

  • Energy Solutions Team: Enabling clients to optimize energy savings through solutions such as EV charging, LED lighting, and solar technologies.

  • Pro A/V Team: Remaining current on the dynamic AV landscape to assist clients in meeting the evolving needs of their customers.

System results

The partnership between Convergint and Wesco Anixter delivers concrete benefits, enhancing decision-making, optimizing job site efficiency, and improving financial efficacy through targeted deployment and installation services. This collaboration equips clients to navigate future innovations by optimizing energy savings and staying ahead in the dynamic AV landscape. It stands as a formidable force, setting a new standard for comprehensive solutions and demonstrating a commitment to empowering businesses across diverse sectors.

Contact an expert today to explore how Convergint and Wesco’s combined expertise across specialized teams can drive success in various areas.

About Wesco

Wesco is a leading distributor of electrical and industrial supplies, power distribution equipment, lighting and lighting control systems, safety products, and a provider of advanced supply chain management and logistics services. Wesco with its divisions and subsidiaries focuses on customer relationships and dedication to the SLED Market.

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