In the video surveillance market, a paradox has emerged where network surveillance devices developed to protect property and personal information are used as a means of seizing confidential data. Since this data is placed on the network, remote access is possible from anywhere in the world where the network is connected. Because of this nature, network surveillance devices are subject to ongoing cyberattacks in an attempt to penetrate the local network. With the goal of reducing risk and improving cybersecurity, Convergint partners with Hanwha Techwin to offer AI-based video surveillance technology solutions.

Hanwha Techwin offers a comprehensive line of security and video surveillance solutions which include IP cameras that support up to 8K resolution, a video management system, video and audio analytics, multi-sensor technologies, and device integration with a host of 3rd party application providers. Together, Convergint works with Hanwha Techwin to ensure the security of organizations’ people, property, and data with innovative hardware technologies and the usage of cybersecurity best practices.

Problem: Vulnerable Network Surveillance Data

In the age of big data and constant innovation, the way organizations collect and monitor data continues to evolve. These evolving changes can also create cybersecurity vulnerabilities, expose confidential information, and lead to data breaches. To mitigate these threats, companies must implement proactive, cybersecure surveillance solutions.

Solution: Transformative Technology from Hanwha Techwin

Hanwha Techwin offers solutions that are customized to each individual end-user in all vertical markets and provide multiple security levels, including:

  • Product design level: This is the level of security that users can achieve with the cybersecurity product design provided by the device, without any settings.

  • Protective level: This is the level of security that can be achieved with the default settings equipped in initial purchased products or in the state immediately after the factory initialization.

  • Secure level: This is the level of security that users can achieve by disabling unnecessary features or services, as well as keeping it updated and reviewing system logs.

  • Very secure level: This is the level of security that can be achieved by combining the security features provided with additional external security solutions.

Results: Fully-Secure, End-to-End Surveillance Workflow

By continuously making efforts to strengthen cybersecurity and ensure the highest level of security, this solution protects from cyberattacks, reduces system vulnerabilities, and safeguards sensitive data.

Contact an expert today to learn how Convergint can help integrate the Hanwha Techwin solution within your existing infrastructure to provide a secure network surveillance solution while addressing today’s cybersecurity concerns.

About Hanwha Techwin

Hanwha Techwin is a leading manufacturer in the security industry, demonstrating consistent growth for more than 40 years. Hanwha Techwin is part of the Hanwha Group, a Fortune Global 500 company and one of the largest conglomerates in South Korea. In operation for over 60 years, the Hanwha Group has gained manufacturing expertise and in-depth market knowledge in producing the highest quality, precision products serving the aerospace, defense, and security industries.